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Each of the Examples presented will be covered on its own page. Initially, there will be just a few, but new ones will be added on a regular basis. If you would like to have one of your own scripts presented, feel free to submit the same via email. It will be fully acknowledged.

All the scripts can be cut and pasted straight into a text file, before running in SQL*Plus.

Please also note that although these scripts are functionally correct, NONE of them can be regarded as definitively correct! As any half-competant SQL programmer knows, there is more than one way to skin a cat... None of these represent my best efforts either! They are presented to stimilate interest in the technique.

Click on the small grey square to the left of the script of interest.

 Script Name Description


‘Describes’ a table, and counts total number of rows.


Count ‘n’ tables and store the result in a results table.


Builds a complete insert script for any table, prompting for each field.


Scan varchar2 fields in a specified table for non-printable ascii characters.


To compare two tables with the same definition, but possibly differemt values in one or more column attributes.

TABLE AUDITING with Automated Trigger Construct

Six scripts controlling the persistent storage of all pre-change modifications made to tables identified to be Audited.


A simple script to prevent any Primary Key field from being modified.

A final word of caution. When cutting and pasting from the example pages, bear in mind that Microsoft may have monkeyed around with the single quote character. If your attempt to run the scripts fail, check that the quotes really are the correct ones.


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