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This website is principally concerned with SQL*Plus, the command-line interface to Oracle.

This is THE major route into Oracle, and has been the standard access path ever since the ealiest manifestation known originally as UFI (User Friiendly Interface). The alternative means of connecting to Oracle are principally PL/SQL, and the call interface used by other languages such as C (and its variations), Java, Fortran, and many others.

Irrespective of the deficiencies of SQL, this is the primary tool Oracle practioners have to work with. This site accepts these deficiencies as read, and proceeds from there.

The site explores one of the more unusual aspects of SQL*Plus, most particularly the use of embedded scripts. This enables a degree of procedurality to be obtained, by using SQL*Plus as a code generator,  to generate further SQL*Plus output. The technique has also been used to generate html output, although this aspect is not examined here...

The alternative name for this site might be ‘Teaching Oracle to write SQL’!

Examples of this type of script construction are discussed in depth, together with an introductory tutorial. Several script examples are illustrated and described in detail.

The author has presented papers at various international Oracle conferences on this technique - some of these papers are provided for download.

If you are ready - lets Get Started...

Peter Robson

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