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The author has presented widely within the Oracle community as well as the general database world, in both the UK and at various European countries. These events include the UK annual OUG conference, the local Scottish OUG meetings, the European Oracle Users, Open World, Polish Oracle User Group, Oracle User Group of Finland, and the Croatian Oracle User Group, as well as various research institutes. The papers presented here represent eaxmples of some of these presentations.

They are held as MS Word documents within zip files.

“Generating SQL” This is the key paper which underpins most of the work presented on this web site. It has been published by UK-OUG in their quarterly publication ‘Oracle Scene’, 2002.
“Replication - An Implementation in SQL” A technical overview of a fully-functional asynchronous replication entirely within SQL.
Table Backup and Recovery using SQL*Plus Paper concentrates on Backup and Recovery; the associated presentation covers replication, as a process which takes considerable advantage of the Backup and Recovery foundations.
Exception Reports A discussion of a variety of types of exception reports where declarative constraints cannot assist in maintaining database integrity. This is the full (conference) version of the paper; a cut-down version has been published by UK-OUG in 'Oracle Scene', issue 23, Autumn 2005.Abstract
Understanding Regular Expressions

                                zip of PowerPoint

You can download the Documentation in zip form by clicking the title left.
The scripts for generating Expressions are here: build_regexp_like and build_regexp_instr
CTRL-Z, Infinite Rollback in SQL*Plus!
pdf of PowerPoint
You may download a Word document describing the technique here.

Additional papers will be added.

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